March 2 – 6, 2015: New! Audit Course: Building Foundation and Advanced Behaviors, Applicant Orientation & Matching

For students who have completed our Assistance Dog Training for Professionals Workshop, be part of Building Advanced Behaviors and Real Life Client Interaction at this exciting Audited Series of Events:

Building Foundation and Advanced Behaviors PLUS
Applicant Orientation and Matching                                                        $750
5-Day Audit
March 2 – 6, 2015


Building Foundation and Advanced Behaviors                                $450
3-Day Audit
March 2-4, 2015

"Helping With Laundry" Using our simulated dryer, Service Dog Ruby removes clothing from the dryer and drops it into the laundry basket.

“Helping With Laundry” Using our simulated dryer, Service Dog Ruby removes clothing from the dryer and drops it into the laundry basket.

Days 1 – 3: Building Foundation and Advanced Behaviors

Focus on building foundation and advanced behaviors with Hearing and Service Dogs. Watch Trainers train all of the behaviors in our program with dogs at every level.  Observe Trainers build foundation behaviors, such as impulse control, heeling, walking next to a wheelchair, tug, push, alert and boomerangs, and specialty behaviors like helping with laundry, sitting up or rolling over in bed, assistance with clothing. 

Gain insight into how Trainers move through the approximations of behaviors, and how they coach Apprentice and Associate Trainers to refine their skills.

Above available as a 3-Day Audit. Stop here or expand your learning experience throughout the week with our 5-Day Audit:


Day 4:  Applicant Orientation Day

Multi pet 1

Trainers Elizabeth Morgan and Susan Ramsbottom introduce Service Dogs Watson and Ember to applicants on Applicant Orientation Day.

Be on the front lines throughout a day dedicated to evaluating whether applicants can be successful with a placement of one of our Hearing or Service Dogs.  Through staff presentations, applicant interviews and interactions with dogs to assess manual skills, comfort with dogs and ability to take direction from the training staff, we seek to gain insight into the individuals applying to us for dogs.

You will assist in escorting an Applicant throughout the day.  Share your opinions and insights during our staff roundtable review of whether to place these applicants on our waiting list for a dog.

Service Dogs, Inc. will provide lunch.


Day 5:  Matching

bruce & Jax walk w Becky

Manager of Training Becky McClintock introduced Recipient Bruce Brim to Jax and several other Service Dogs at Matching. This includes practicing several behaviors with each dog.

Join us at one of the most rewarding days at Service Dogs, Inc.  At Matching we introduce clients on our waiting list to multiple dogs to determine which dog will be their best match!

Each session begins with an update interview with each client.  Then Trainers introduce dogs to each clients and lead them through a series of training exercises together.

Afterwards, join our Staff in a roundtable discussion sharing observations and discussing potential partnerships. Warning: it’s not as easy as it looks, but it is very fulfilling!

You may enroll in either the 5-Day or the 3-Day Audit:

5 Day Audit – Building Advanced Behaviors PLUS Applicant Orientation and Matching, March 2 – 6        $750

3 Day Audit – Building Foundation and Advanced Behaviors Audit, March 2 – 4        $450
For students interested in focusing solely on the first three days of the audit.


Audit March 2015

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