Theresa and Tux

Theresa Johnson and Hearing Dog Tux at Team Training

Theresa Johnson and Hearing Dog Tux at Team Training.

In addition to being deaf, Theresa Johnson suffers from seizures. Because of this, she does not drive farther than a few blocks from her home. When she goes outside, she wears a hat and sunglasses because the varying patterns of sunlight streaming through the leaves and branches of the trees can trigger a seizure.

One night, Tux was in his crate, a place that he likes and typically is calm and quiet in. This evening, Tux was pacing around in his crate and whining.

Theresa’s husband, Cole, who is in a wheelchair and was in bed, noticed Tux’s whining. He got himself up and out of bed and over to Theresa’s side. A few moments later, Theresa started having a seizure! Tux’s warning gave Cole the notice he needed to be with Theresa in time to help her get through the seizure.

Theresa and Tux are both determined to be aware of Tux next time he acts this way, so they will have notice that Theresa is about to have another seizure. What a great comfort and an added bonus to Tux’s Hearing Dog training.

Editor’s Note: Theresa and Tux were part of our September Hearing Dog Team Training Class. Their training was sponsored by the Dallas Communities Fund.

Heroics like this are the result of the bond formed between Theresa and Tux. Texas Hearing and Service Dogs’ emphasis on a trusting relationship on which we build our training program fosters a bond that literally ends up saving lives.

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