Al & Patton Nov. 8, 2013

Trainers risk lives to rescue dog from highway

Al and Becky felt good about the two dogs they adopted from the Houston Humane Society.

Minutes later, they would prove themselves when they saw a large yellow lab dodging cars on the access road to IH 45.

“We were looping around to get to a Wendy’s to grab lunch, on the way out of town,” says Manager of Training Becky McClintock.

“We saw this big yellow lab running through the cares on the feeder road.  He was about to run right onto the highway!”

While Al pulled into the Wendy’s parking lot to loop the car around, Becky jumped out and tried to coax the frightened dog to the van.

“He was really friendly, but balked when I tried to hold his collar,” Becky says.  “I finally sweet-talked him into the van.  He put his big front paws inside and I just heaved in his rear.  Then the 3 of us went through the drive through.”

The dog named “Patton” after the cross street where his life was saved, is now part of Service Dog, Inc.’s Class of 2014.  We admire the courage and dedication of our trainers who risked their lives to save Patton’s.  Now he will get his turn to save someone else’s!

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