Trainers Workshop Sells Out!

All she needs is you!

All she needs is you!

Service Dogs, Inc. is proud to welcome 24 professional dog trainers from across the country for a week of total immersion in our training department.  We will be teaching state-of-the-art training methodology through multimedia delivery including Hands-On Training with our program dogs and an evaluation outing to the Austin Animal Center to learn how we temperament test shelter dogs for adoption into our training program.

It will be an intense week that not only broadens students’ knowledge, but offers fun opportunities to make friends at our Icebreaker and our banquet.

Students include trainers from other Assistance Dog training facilities and those interested in starting their own programs.

Are you bummed out for missing this class?  Don’t fret!  We have a waiting list form you can fill out which will also put you on top of our notifications list when we have another class.