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Audit: Team Training (August 2017)

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Four Service Dog Teams and one Hearing Dog Team in a recent Team Training Class!

5 Day Audit: August 14-18, 2017

Don’t miss this ultimate auditing experience as we take clients and their new Hearing and Service Dogs through their first week together in this 5-day intensive course. Presentations by our dynamic staff of Trainers alternate with a variety of hands on training sessions for the new teams, including Relationship, Learning, Play, Husbandry and Exercise.

You’ll be there as we teach clients to work with and care for their new dogs. Gain insight into how we customize our instruction to serve each client’s specific learning needs. Watch as clients go from nervous beginners to calm handlers through practice and coaching. Follow along as we teach clients to develop their relationship and mechanical skill with their new dogs.

Some clients have never had a dog, others are more familiar, so that affects how we deal with each pair. Observe how we customize equipment for different needs and adjust training for limited mobility, speech, hand/eye coordination, and reaction time. At graduation, meet and talk with the clients and their families, then hear their feedback on the week.

Questions, insights, observations? We will explore them at our Staff and Auditor Roundtable at the end of each day!

(NOTE: This course has a Prerequisite to register. You must have attended Assistance Dog Training for Professionals previously. )