What’s In A Name?

The old logo and name

Our former logo and name

Not everyone is as smart as you are.  “Texas Hearing and Service Dogs” is a lot to remember.  Journalists and MC’s frequently mix up the words and even add words of their own!

Our favorite for “Most Wrong Name” was “Service Dogs of Austin for the Blind”.

So when our 25th anniversary approached, our senior staff and board met to discuss long range planning. And we felt we should streamline our name so everyone could remember and say it easily.

We also had received the feedback that if we wanted to have an alliance with a national sponsor, for example, our name on their product packaging, we needed a name that did not limit us to just a part of the country.  (No matter how awesome that part was!)

We decided that “Service Dogs, Inc.” identified us, was easy to say and remember, matched up nicely with our website address and would give us unlimited potential for growth.

Fresh, Shiny and New!

Our new streamlined logo!

We also wanted a new logo.  While some of us loved the logo, which was taken from a photograph of one of our early Service Dog teams, Jason Twedt and Doc, we also had received feedback that it was hard to see what the picture was and hard to read the name of the organization.

After a senior staff meeting that produced some invigoratingly divergent opinions of what we wanted, the wonderfully talented artist Kaleigh Weise, designed our new logo, which ended up pleasing all of us.

We are proud to re-introduce ourselves to you: Service Dogs, Inc., The Next Generation of Texas Hearing and Service Dogs.

You will see a lot of exciting things this year: our new TV pet training segment, My Pet, our new Trainers Workshop and some wonderful new alliances with national companies.

We look forward to continuing to Turn Strays Into Stars with you as part of the now, Service Dogs, Inc. family!