Wish List

We need new wheels - to rescue new dogs!

Al & Patton Nov. 8, 2013 - after rescue from Houston highway


Needed – at least one new Dodge Grand Caravan – new or low mileage.

We put thousands of miles on our vans traveling to shelters all over Texas, and now Oklahoma, searching for dogs to adopt for our training program.

We put further miles on our vehicles in weekly In-home training sessions in our clients’ homes over three months – or as long as it takes for success!

Safety first – a new vehicle will ensure our staff and dogs are safe on their miracle making journeys!  Tax deductible, of course!

One-Time Needs:

Dodge Grand Caravan or equivalent, low mileage – for transporting dogs and staff

Dog Crates  – metal 36″ and 42″ sizes

IPads, new or used, with WiFi capability


Ongoing Needs:

Food Dispensing Toys For Dogs

Our dogs love these feeding toys and ours get heavy use!

  • Kong Wobbler
  • CLIX Pyramid
  • Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug
  • Medium or Large sizes


  • Nyla bones – large or extra large
  • Knuckle bones – large only
  • Bully sticks

Comfort Items

  • Mutt Matts brand crate matts for 40 x 24  wire crates.

Gift Cards

  • Pet supply stores (PetSmart, Petco, etc.)
  • Walmart
  • Costco
  • Target
  • Staples