Service Dogs, Inc. of Austin, Texas

Facility Dog Pre-Application Questionnaire

Ladybug of Service Dogs Inc. on the job showcase

Emergency Services Facility Dog Ladybug placed with Methodist Healthcare System in San Antonio


Facility Dog

Courthouse Facility Dogs and Emergency Services Facility Dogs

SDI trains Facility Dogs to work with professionals in the fields of legal justice, first responder support, medicine and other specialty agencies.

The Facility Dog lives with and is handled by an employee of the agency’s facility.

Facility Dogs do not have public access under state or federal law.  The agency must give permission for the handler to bring in the Facility Dog.

To apply for a Facility Dog, you must have:

1. An individual who will care for, house and handle the dog.  This person will participate in the application and training process with Service Dogs, Inc.

2.  The support of the agency itself. SDI requires a supervisor or other representative of the agency to commit to the support of a Facility Dog.