Service Dogs, Inc. of Austin, Texas

Steps to Apply for a Hearing or Service Dog

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Hearing Dog or
Service Dog

A background check, completed by Service Dogs, Inc. is required for all applicants.
Applying does not guarantee you will receive a dog.


STEP 1: Complete and submit the pre-application questionnaire . (See link below)
We pre-screen applicants to assure our program matches your needs. This step is free. We will notify you within 2 weeks if we will provide an application. (Please review all pages in this section before requesting an application.  We get many requests for types of dogs/assistance we do not provide.)

STEP 2: Complete and submit the client application.
Be sure all items are completed. We will not process incomplete application packets, this includes the non-refundable $50 application fee. We will notify you in 4-6 weeks if we find our program is a good match for you.  If we approve your application, we will request a photo or video essay based on an outline SDI provides.

STEP 3: The applicant committee invites qualified applicants to Applicant Orientation. 
Held at our Training Center in Dripping Springs, Texas, this one-day event is held 2-3 times yearly and includes:

  • An overview of what it’s like to have a service or hearing dog
  • A discussion of what’s required of you as a handler and client
  • An opportunity to work briefly with dogs in training
  • A detailed interview session

After the orientation session, SDI will mail each attendee notification that they are accepted or declined.

If accepted, applicants join the Waiting list.
While on the Waiting List, SDI provides monthly education and information to help clients plan and prepare for their future partners though the “SDI Connection”. Clients are required to give feedback on each section of this training program to remain on the waiting list.

 Pre-Application Questionnaire