Service Dogs, Inc. of Austin, Texas

Steps to Apply for a Hearing or Service Dog

Hearing Dog or
Service Dog

Before you start: 

  • We run a background check on all applicants
  • Applying does not guarantee SDI will accept you for a dog

STEP 1: Complete and submit the pre-application questionnaire (See link below)
We pre-screen applicants to make sure our program matches your needs.  
We will notify you within 2 weeks if we will provide you with a full application.
Fee:  No fee. This step is free.

(Please review all pages in this section before requesting an application.  We get many requests for types of dogs/assistance we do not provide and from people living outside of Texas.)

STEP 2: Complete and submit the client application
Be sure you complete all items, including the application fee.
We will not process incomplete application packets.
We will notify you in 4-6 weeks if we find our program is a good match for you.  
If we approve your application, we will request a photo or video essay based on an outline SDI provides.
Fee:  $50 application fee. This includes our cost of running your background check. 

STEP 3: Applicant Orientation
A full day at our Training Center in Dripping Springs, Texas. 
Activities include:

  • An overview of what it’s like to have a Service or Hearing Dog
  • A discussion of what’s required of you as a handler and client
  • A brief training session with our dogs
  • A detailed interview session
  • We provide lunch

After Applicant Orientation session, we will notify each applicant by mail whether SDI has accepted them as a client.

If accepted, applicants join the Waiting list.
While on the Waiting List, clients receive the SDI Connection, a monthly workbook to help clients prepare for their dogs.
Clients are required to submit each issue’s “homework” to remain on the waiting list.

 Pre-Application Questionnaire