Service Dogs, Inc.

Bam & Solo

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I am Solo.  My name comes from Han Solo, the hero of the Star Wars films. solo-face-1

My story is not all that different from the space guy’s.  I ran with a ruff crowd on the streets, under the radar.  I got picked up by the Imperial Guard (dog catcher) and incarcerated at Ron Jackson facility run by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

The kids and staff there, a bit of a rag tag, but sincere group, taught me some manners to get me ready for the Millennium Falcon, or in earth terms, Service Dogs, Inc.

Now, I may look tough on the outside, but inside, I really wanted to be a hero.  When I got the chance, I jumped on it!

Next, I met another tough guy. A guy who’s seen combat. A guy who’s got some scars.  Not Chewbacca.  But close. His name is Bam. Bam Rubenstein.  He and I are going to be battle buddies.

Bam was an Air Force firefighter.  When a pilot was trapped in a fire, he plunged right in and pulled the pilot to safety.  His own injuries on that day cost him the use of his left leg, a condition he still fights to improve to this day.

bam-solo-no-backgroundBam is an adventurer.  He loves motorcycles, rescuing Caiman alligators, helping other wounded veterans and his country.  When he loves something, he goes all out. He learns everything he can about it and becomes an expert.  His articles and interviews on all of these subjects dot the internet like spots on a Dalmatian.

I am going to be Bam’s newest adventure. And he is going to be mine. We join forces early next year in a week of Team Training at Service Dogs, Inc.  After that, I will live with Bam, his wife and their six year old daughter.  We will keep training together for another three months with weekly sessions with a Service Dogs, Inc. Trainer.

I will be helping Bam by fetching his leg brace, his cane, anything he drops, turn lights on and off, pull drawers open and help him get up from chairs.  He’s going to take me when he volunteers for Heroes Night Out, when he leads wounded veterans support groups, when he visits the synagogue and the Jewish Community Center and my favorite – the family pizza place on Friday nights!

You know, tough guys like me and Bam, we don’t get where we are, past our scars, without a lot of help from wonderful folks like you.  You believed in us before you knew us. Now that you’ve met us, I hope you’ll join our adventure. After all, you made it possible.

Many thanks – your tough guys love you!