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Chaco The D.A. Dog

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Chaco has been on the job for two months.  Here is the lastest from his handler, Jocellyn M. Camarillo, Victims Assistance Coordinator at the Montgomery County D.A.’s Office

Chaco is progressing wonderfully. He has been in a few hearings and has been a part of 2 trials (not “working them” but has been with me). He also goes to docket with me every day and has gotten accustomed pretty quickly to our courtrooms. He comforts even court staff and attorneys pretty much every day. I can tell he is very loved.

One of the hearings was a sentencing hearing, of an aggravated robbery, the victim immediately took to Chaco. In court, she asked what his job is, I told her and she said he was great at his job because she’d met him before in a prep meeting for the sentencing and said she didn’t even know that it was his job to comfort her but she immediately felt better when she met him and us for the first time in person, she would pet him literally as she spoke (she is big dog lover & hadn’t asked before when she was petting him in our meeting what his job is).

Also just his week I went to court with a child victim of an aggravated sexual assault, she is now 14 but it happened from 5-10 years. She was scared of Chaco as first and I just kept Chaco away. However once we were in the court room and she saw his calm demeanor and laying at my feet she initiated the contact, bent down and sat beside him and petted him. She started talking more and said she was just scared at first because he was a big dog but that he is sweet. It was obvious she was more willing to talk to me and felt more comfortable doing so.

I hope this gives some insight into the amazing things Chaco is already doing and even more to come!

Jocellyn M. Camarillo,
Victim Assistance Coordinator
Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office