Service Dogs, Inc. of Austin, Texas

Hearing and Service Dogs

Hearing Dogs 

Alert their deaf/hard of hearing partners to sounds including:

  • doorbell
  • phone
  • oven timer
  • smoke alarm
  • baby’s cry

We can train your Hearing Dog to alert you to additional requested sounds upon request.

Service Dogs

Perform a variety of tasks to assist their mobility challenged partner including:

  • pick up things you drop
  • open and close doors
  • open and close cabinets and drawers
  • open refrigerator and retrieve item

We can add additional requested tasks that are safe for the dog to perform. Examples: nudging a paralyzed arm or leg into position, assistance with clothing, assistance with laundry.  Typically a larger dog like a Labrador Retriever.

Facility Dogs

Courthouse Facility Dogs

Comfort and help children and other victims find their voice during courthouse interviews and testimony.

They live with and work with a staff member of the District or County Attorney’s office.

Emergency Services Facility Dogs

Provide a healthy mental and emotional reset to first responders and hospital staff employed by a facility, e.g. fire department, hospital.  They live and work with a trained facility staff member. e.g. EMS Relations Manager, fire department chief.

Facility Dogs are different from Therapy Dogs.  Volunteers take Therapy Dogs to various places like hospitals, senior centers, and even courthouses to comfort people.  However, when a child is interviewed about potential abuse, the interview is confidential.

Therefore, the professional conducting the interview is the Facility Courthouse Dog’s handler.  We also train Courthouse Dogs to be “invisible” in the courtroom, as some judges do not want the jury to be aware that the child witness has a dog in case it prejudices the jury in the child’s favor.

We provide all of our dogs free of charge.