Service Dogs, Inc.

Dogs On Strike

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I didn’t come all the way from the shelters of Turkey to run off the road in a van that Scooby Doo wouldn’t deign old-van-2to ride in even with the Mysterious Mummy in hot pursuit!

My fellow canines concur in my concerns.  I mean really!  300,000 miles?!

We Hearing and Service Dogs put in the miles during our year of training at SDI.  Our trainers put in even more.  Like where?  I’ll spell it out for you:

  • Driving to and from shelters all over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana searching for dogs to adopt
  • Twice weekly training outings to public places
  • Weekly in-home training sessions for our beloved clients all over Texas
  • Public education events all over Texas
  • Vets’ offices
  • Annual re-certifications for clients
  • Follow up training for clients

I am precious cargo!  So are my beloved trainers.  I speak for them, too, “This is woof-rageous!”

I have proposed to SDI management that we invite folks to chip in for a wheelchair-accessible, Dodge Grand Caravan, ideally with my picture gracing it. Total cost: $ 40,000.

If you dog lovers out there match what you might spend on the  Secret Santa I’ve heard so much about, we’ll be riding in safety by time the Scooby Gang realizes the Mummy is just Old Man Jenkins.