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Eddie Izzard visits Service Dogs

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Eddie Izzard visits Service Dogs, Inc.! (standing, L-R): Trainer Jeff DeBaere, Trainer Jane Howard, Eddie Izzard, Eddie’s Tour Manager Sarah Johnson, Trainer Sarah Bond, Eddie’s Stylist Rachel Downing, Recipient Amy Fey and Neo, Graduate Sheila English and Noelle (seated, L-R): Trainer Taylor Smith, Manager of Training Becky McClintock, Founder and President Sheri Soltes

Internationally known comedian Eddie Izzard visited our training campus while he was on his 25 country tour in Austin.

“What impresses me most is how innovative you are,” he told Service Dogs, Inc. Founder Sheri Soltes. “You’ve got dogs of all kinds here!”

Sheri had explained how she founded Service Dogs, Inc. upon the policy of only using rescue dogs when most other groups were breeding, that she began using positive training methods 20 years ago when she first learned about them, when most organizations used punishment and physical dominance and how now, every dog worked with every trainer instead of one trainer working a “string of dogs” meaning only certain dogs.

Eddie spent nearly two hours meeting our trainers, talking with some of our clients and asking questions about our program. He was so impressed that he made a very generous donation!

Once he learned Sheri and Manager of Training Becky McClintock were going to his show that night, he invited them to come backstage after the show. He and his party left to get ready for that night’s performance, loaded down with Mighty Texas Dog Walk t-shirts and toy Service Dogs. When Sheri, Becky and Becky’s husband Jimmy visited him in the hospitality suite after the show, one of the toy Service Dogs was perched front and center on the piano.

Eddie speaks seven languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Arabic – and he’s learning Shanghai Chinese. however, the language he speaks most fluently is compassion. Learn more about Eddie Izzard.