Service Dogs, Inc. of Austin, Texas

In Challenging Times – Small Acts Matter

Dear SDI Family:

The world is changing. And all of our lives are changing too.

2020 has been a year that is unforgettable and almost beyond challenging. As conscious stewards of this planet, we must think of not only ourselves, but what we can give back. This year has been trying for all humans – but especially stressful on the people and animals we serve.

When the pandemic started, we made drastic changes to our staffing and volunteer pool to keep people safe. Even though the global situation was incredibly daunting, and everyone was also facing personal challenges, we decided that what we could do as proactive individuals was to continue to help the people and animals who depend on us.

And we persevered. Though we were operating with a tiny staff and just a few volunteers, the summer was therapeutic. Taking action and helping our clients and the dogs in our care helped us all.

And we had an amazing (though socially isolated) fall. We continued training, re-certified graduate teams and contributed to changing federal laws governing air travel for service dogs. Our certification rate is 100%  of the clients we trained. Something we are very proud of. We have also seen more applications both from individuals and first responder facilities wanting the help of a specially trained dog.

If we all do our part, we can keeping making a difference. On a local and a global scale. Small acts matter. You all have sustained us through this difficult year. Thank you for thinking of our clients and the animals we care for. Thank you for offering us your ongoing support and kindness.


Sheri Soltes
Founder and President