Service Dogs, Inc.

The SDI Difference

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Rescued Dogs 

SDI does not breed dogs. There are Solo face 1huge numbers of unwanted dogs in shelters and rescues that only need a second chance for a whole new life. Since 1988, we have worked to help these dogs become heroes to those with disabilities, transforming their lives forever. In addition to rescuing dogs, we have formed a partnership with Guide Dogs for the Blind for acquiring career change dogs. This has allowed us to place more dogs, much faster, with the people that need their help!

Positive Training Methods 

SDI uses positive reinforcement only – through treats and rewards – to shape play behaviors (retrieve, tug, paw, touch) into helpful tasks. We never use punishment or force. Our goal is to build trust and confidence. Then we help transfer that confidence and training to their new partners. SDI dogs wag their tails while they work!

Custom Training for Adults and Veterans in Texas

Clients receive dogs free of charge, thanks to our incredible supporters. SDI matches each dog to their new partner and custom trains the dog to do the specific tasks required by the client. After Team Training week, SDI provides 13 weeks of in-home training, visiting the client weekly to train in the specific work, home, and community activities they most need.

Ongoing Lifetime Support

SDI maintains contact with clients to provide an annual public access certification for the Hearing or Service Dog and give hands-on support in new skill development.

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