Service Dogs, Inc. of Austin, Texas

What’s Required of Assistance Dog Partners

Building a Team

Assistance dogs have full public access rights, but only with an approved handler. The dog has access with the client so long as its work and behavior are excellent.  

This means training is never over.  The client will always train to maintain team skills and deepen the partnership with an Assistance Dog. 

To receive a Service, Hearing, or Facility Dog from SDI, the client has responsibilities throughout the 10-15 year life of the dog. Please consider these requirements carefully.

Clients must:

  1. Interact with the dog and treat the dog with appreciation, love and respect.
  2. Practice obedience regularly.
  3. Practice the dog’s assistance skills regularly.
  4. Maintain the dog’s proper behavior in public and at home.
  5. Carry proper identification and be aware of all applicable laws pertaining to assistance dogs.
  6. Provide for the dog’s emotional and physical needs.
  7. Provide a stable and secure living environment.
  8. Keep the dog well-groomed and well cared for.
  9. Practice preventative health care for the dog.
  10. Obtain annual health checks and vaccinations for the dog.
  11. Abide by all leash and license laws.
  12. Follow Service Dogs, Inc.’s requirements for progress reports and medical evaluations.
  13. Successfully pass the Assistance Dogs International Public Access Test each year as part of the recertification process.
  14. Arrange for the prompt cleanup of dog’s waste.
  15. Assume all financial costs for the care and maintenance of the dog once it moves into your home.  (Approx. $2000 per year.)

Complete the application form ONLY if you are certain you can meet these requirements for the lifetime of the dog.

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