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Build Your Volunteer Experience

Level I Luv Pup


As you get oriented to SDI, you’ll learn how to interact with our dogs in training to support their well being and progress. There will not be any independent dog handling during this introductory level. Some of the valuable services you will provide: 

  • Assist staff with cleaning kennels 

  • Assist with replenishing water

  • Help with dishes and laundry to ensure our dogs have fresh, clean dishes, beds and linens

  • Make and restock enrichment items 

  • Reinforce desirable behaviors in kennel building from outside kennel run

Complete 15 hours in Level I Luv Pup to advance to Level II Dynamic Dog.

Level II Dynamic Dog

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You’ve now progressed to working with the dogs on your own to assist with foundation behaviors they need to learn to become Service Dogs:


  • Reinforce sits, downs, eye contact and other behaviors in kennel building from outside of run.

  • Learn and conduct Relationship Sessions with dogs - one of the MOST important activities for dogs transitioning from strays to stars.

  • Deliver enrichment items in animal areas 


Complete 30 hours in Level II Dynamic Dog to advance to Level III World Class Canine for even more activities with our dogs.

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Level III World Class Canine

Perform more activities on your own and take on new enrichment activities with our dogs in training, namely PLAY SESSIONS!!!!

These activities can be physically challenging as playing can get our dogs energized including jumping and running.

Play sessions involve things like playing fetch, creating scent games and videoing our dogs having a good time. You’ll also get the opportunity to assist Trainers with teaching certain behaviors in the main training building and facility house.

Potential to train new Level I volunteers.

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