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Adopt a Pet Dog

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About Our “Career Change” Dogs

Almost 60% of the dogs SDI rescues graduate. However, those that don’t are released from training as potential pets.  A service dog faces a constant flow of new situations and people that pet dogs rarely encounter.  If a dog is not comfortable with this work we never force it. Once we are sure it’s best for the dog, it is released for adoption. We never return a dog to the shelter — we find them home.  It’s a career change for them, from Service Dog in-training to pet dog in your family.

Our dogs are selected from shelters because they are people focused, responsive to training, eager to please and friendly. Each begins basic obedience training and released dogs are usually identified in the first three months of training. These dogs continue obedience work while they are at SDI. The reasons we release a dog can vary but recent examples include fear of thunder, reactivity to cats, nervousness in public situations and mild hip dysplasia.

These are not service dogs, but they can be wonderful pets and companions. If you’re interested in one of our pet dogs, please read the requirements and process below.timber&steph

Requirements to adopt:

  1. Adopters must be at least 21
  2. Able to visit our Training Center in Dripping Springs to meet the dog
  3. A fenced yard or reasonable exercise area
  4. Commitment to humane care as stated in the adoption contract
  5. Access to shelter and the home – the dog may not be kept solely as an outside dog
  6. Agreement the dog will be a family pet and will not be used as a service dog

Process to adopt:

  • View our available dogs below
  • Submit an adoption application online
  • Answer follow-up questions from SDI by email or phone
  • Attend a Meet-and-Greet at our site in Dripping Springs
    • You get a chance to meet the dog and get acquainted
    • All family members and dogs should attend
  • Home visit – take the dog to your home for 5-7 days, enough time for the dog to relax in your home so you can see what day-to-day life partnership will be like.
  • Sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee. The fee is $300-$500 (depending on the level of training) and helps SDI recover a portion of the evaluation, medical and training expense invested in each dog.
  • Plan to take your dog to obedience training to build your relationship and help the dog learn what is expected in his new family.  Choose a training program that emphasizes positive reinforcement and building a relationship with your dog.  This continues the approach used during training at SDI — and you will probably be the star of your class!

Check out our available dogs below or visit our Petfinder page for more info!


Hello my name is Bolero a.k.a. BoBear!
I’m a lab mix around 4 years old and I’m a very impressive looking dog; that is what my trainers tell me.
I came to Service Dogs Inc. about two years ago to be trained as a mobility assistance dog, and even though I’m a very clever boy and I like to learn new things, I fancy myself more as a guard dog than as a Service Dog.
I do know all my basic behaviors; sit, down, wait and place. And I’m very excited, as I’m about to learn my retrieving next.
I can be aloof with people I don’t know, but I do warm up once I realize they mean no harm to my planet and my family.


Mocha is a very sweet, but somewhat shy girl, who is just around seven years old. Her breed is a bit of a mystery, but one thing is for sure about her heritage: mom and pop must have been lookers, because she is absolutely adorable as you can clearly see by looking at her pics!

Mocha is currently available for adoption as a pet dog through Service Dogs, Inc. She can be pretty protective of her “special person,” and at times fearful of strangers. She is more comfortable with women, but can get along with men just fine if introduced slowly and patiently.

Mocha is very fond of fetch; she absolutely adores play time (particularly with tennis balls)!
She is also quite the cuddler, and loves to flop over for belly rubs once she warms up to you!

She is not compatible in a home with young children, and will also require a home life without cats, or other fairly small animals, but has done well with some other dogs that she has met; but will need a proper introduction to ensure that it is the right fit.


Hi my name is Chip and I am a young (just over a year old) mixed breed boy full of exuberance and a zest for life! I have been told that I am named after a chocolate chip; I assume this is due to my ridiculously sweet nature!

I began my journey to become a potential hearing dog about a month ago, but wasn’t quite compatible with the hearing dog life and am now available as a pet dog.

I melt like butter when am pet and absolutely adore affection and cuddling, but I am also still very much puppy and love to play and sometimes jump up. I am still learning my basic obedience, so I will need some one to be patient with me as they help me finish up with my learning, and additional training classes would be best. I do know sit, and am learning a name response, however my recalls are not all that great just yet, as I would prefer to romp around and play, rather than have to go back inside. I have also been working on shaping up some of my leash walking habits; my previous owners did not take me for walks, so this is still a fairly new concept for me.

I do also have quite a nifty skill (that my trainers don’t seem nearly as impressed by, as I am): I can climb chain-link fences like nobody’s business; especially when there is exciting activity going on within my sight. -Due to this, I will need to be closely supervised in yards, and not off leash to roam freely in non-fenced areas.

I am not used to playing with other dogs, and am still figuring out what is appropriate and what is not; I mostly like to just bark at them, which they strangely don’t seem to see as a sign of friendship.

I really like our facility kitty here at the center; Tony, but have not encountered any others so far, so jury is still out on whether or not I would like to live with them.

To apply for a pet dog, fill out the adoption application here.