Service Dogs Inc

Fostering a Service Dog in Training

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Timber enjoying his bed in his foster home!

Timber enjoying his bed in his foster home!

Fostering one of our dogs is a crucial part of training.

  • Fosters provide very important information on how dogs in training behave in a home environment. 
  • Fosters offer a nice home for dog to relax in.
  • Get a chance to expand their training knowledge from professionals.
  • Start a dog on their journey from stray to star!

  Flexible schedule

  • Dogs will need to be in training 9:00am-4:00pm during the week.
  • Fosters can pick them up for week night trips or over the weekend.

Professional Support

  • Fosters will have one on one access to a trainer for support throughout their time with SDI.
  • Additional Foster Training will be provided for fosters looking to advance their training skills

Foster FAQs


To become a foster, please download and review the Foster Manual below. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at to set up your foster orientation.

Foster Manual