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​At SDI, we never return a dog to a shelter. Instead, we adopt them out to loving pet homes. Career change dogs still receive training, enrichment and care just like the other dogs in our care. 

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Value of Adopted Dogs:


  • Spayed/neutered

  • Current on all vaccinations

  • Tested for heart worm and other parasites 

  • Examined by veterinarian

  • Boarded and trained for 6+ months

​Total Value

Your Adoption Fee










Requirements to adopt:

  • ​Adopters must be at least 21 years old

  • Able to visit our Training Center in Dripping Springs to meet the dog

  • A fenced yard or reasonable exercise area

  • Commitment to humane care as stated in the adoption contract

  • The dog must live as an indoor dog and have access to shelter outdoors. The dog may not be kept solely as an outside dog.

  • Agree the dog will be a family pet and will not be used as a Service Dog

Process to adopt:

  • View our available dogs on this page

  • Submit an adoption application online

  • Answer follow-up questions from SDI by email or phone

  • Attend a Meet-and-Greet at our Training Center in Dripping Springs

  • All family members should attend

  • Please bring any dogs you already own

  • Home visit – take the dog to your home for 5-7 days, enough time for the dog to relax in your home so you can see what day-to-day life partnership will be like.

  • Sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee. 

  • Plan to take your dog to obedience training to build your relationship and help the dog learn what is expected in his new family.  Choose a training program that emphasizes positive reinforcement and building a relationship with your dog.  This continues the approach used during training at SDI — and you will probably be the star of your class!

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