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Adopting a Career Change dog from Service Dogs, Inc. is a rewarding experience, offering a loving home to a lovable, well-trained dog while joining a 36 year legacy of rescue and transformation.

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Meet Our Career Change Dogs

Why Adopt a Career Change Dog?

Adopting a Career Change dog has several benefits:

  • Well-Trained Companions: These dogs already passed SDI’s extensive temperament test and continue to receive extensive training, making them loving and well-behaved pets.

  • A Force Multiplier for Good: We adopt all of our dogs from animal shelters. If we release a dog from training, we never return it to the shelter. Instead we commit to finding them a loving pet home to live their best life. By adopting from SDI, you open up a spot for another rescue dog, and amplify our impact on lives, both canine and human.

How to Adopt from SDI:

  1. Apply: Visit our Career Change Dog Adoption page, for more information and to apply.

  2. Interview: Our trainers will contact you for a virtual interview.

  3. Meet and Greet: We will invite you to SDI to meet the dog. If you already have a dog, we will ask you to bring it along.

  4. 1-Week Trial Adoption: Give it a try with the dog in your home for a week.

  5. Official Adoption: Complete adoption contract and pay adoption fee.

Requirements to adopt:

  • ​Adopters must be at least 21 years old

  • Able to visit our Training Center in Dripping Springs to meet the dog

  • A fenced yard or reasonable exercise area

  • Commitment to humane care as stated in the adoption contract

  • The dog must live as an indoor dog and have access to shelter outdoors. The dog may not be kept solely as an outside dog.

  • Agree the dog will be a family pet and will not be used as a Service Dog

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