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WAGS, Wimberley

Meet Rowan

Rowan’s Ideal Match
  • Patient, Understanding Owner: Ideal for building trust with initially wary Rowan.

  • Other Pets: Great either way. Rowan gets along with dogs and cats. He can also be an only pet.

  • Older Children: Preferable as Rowan enjoys interactive toy-based play.

  • Activity Level: He does well with structured play styles, but doesn't necessarily require them.

  • Retired or Work From Home: Preferable. Rowan likes his people present!

Are Willing to Nurture Rowan With:
  • New People:

    • Rowan is unsure when meeting new people but warms up when treated with kibble.

    • When strangers like maintenance workers visit, he does well in his crate.

  • Meeting Animals:

    • In his foster homes, Rowan adapted well to other dogs after proper introductions

    • He barks at first, then becomes friendly

    • He gets along well with our facility cat.

  • Children:

    • Rowan is good with children.

    • He can be mouthy, so it’s better for him to play with toys than directly when playing with children. Children should be old enough to understand parameters of proper playing with Rowan.

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