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Service Dog

When Cherie’s first Service Dog, Angel, passed away, she thought “I’ll never find another Soul Dog.” No dog could ever replace Angel, but it was going to be difficult to live on her own without a Service Dog by her side. Watch her story below:

Cherie reached back out to SDI, who had custom-trained Angel for her free of charge. She hoped to find a dog that would restore her independence and heal from the heartbreak of losing her Soul Dog.

SDI had another perfect match for her, a Labrador Retriever named Vancouver. Just like with Angel, we trained Vancouver to retrieve dropped items, help do laundry, and open and close doors.

With Vancouver’s help, Cherie began healing in ways she could never have imagined. Vancouver is not only Cherie’s Service Dog, he is also her best friend.

When the sponsor who had donated $10,000 to help fund Vancouver’s training met Cherie and Vancouver, she was so inspired by them, and the impact of her donation that she donated an additional $50,000 to completely sponsor a Service Dog for someone else like Cherie. In 2022, she pledged an annual gift of $100,000.

Though Cherie misses Angel, she opened her heart to Vancouver who is now her new Soul Dog. Cherie smiles and says, “He looks at me just like Angel did. I know she sent him to me.”

Some angels have four legs, big brown eyes, and a wet nose.

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