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Our Programs

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Hearing Dogs

Hearing Dogs touch or nudge their Deaf or hard-of-hearing partners to get their attention, then lead them to the source of the sound.

Hearing Dogs alert to sounds such as:

  • Door knock or doorbell

  • Alarm clock

  • Oven/microwave buzzer

  • Telephone

  • Baby’s cry

  • Someone calling your name

  • Smoke alarm

Service Dogs

Service Dogs assist clients with mobility related challenges such as Multiple Sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, paraplegia, quadriplegia, amputation, stroke, or spinal cord injury.​

  • Pick up dropped or desired items

  • Open and close doors

  • Pull a light wheelchair for a short distance, such as up a ramp

  • Assist with transfers or position changes

  • Position limbs

  • Push automatic door opener buttons

  • Find help

  • Open the refrigerator and retrieve items

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Courthouse Facility Dogs

Courthouse Facility Dogs help abused children find their voice in court. Because their presence encourages child survivors to tell their story, prosecutors can convict more offenders.  

Trauma Response Facility Dogs

Emergency Services Facility Dogs facilitate first responder resiliency. These dogs work full time helping firefighters, paramedics, hospital staff and law enforcement agencies.


They also deploy to support communities after tragedies, such as the shootings in El Paso and Uvalde.

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