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A letter from our Founder and President Sheri Soltes

A letter from our Founder and President Sheri Soltes

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Did you know that we adopt all our dogs from shelters?

Meet Our Dogs!

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Dear Contributors to Service Dogs, Inc.

People like you help people like me be more independent.  I’ve spent all my life being severely hearing impaired. Having a tail wagging friend like Zorro in my life is definitely priceless.”

Josh Calzada, San Antonio

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Meet our Hearing and Service Dog Teams and Individuals and help sponsor their training.


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Change their lives

Do you think shelter dogs deserve another chance?

Do you think dogs can help people in amazing ways?

Service Dogs, Inc. uses all shelter and rescue dogs to train to assist people living with disabilities.  Whether a Hearing Dog is alerting a deaf mother to her baby’s cry, or a Service Dog is picking up a dropped set of car keys for its quadriplegic partner, our strays turned stars provide increased independence, security and unconditional love to exceptional individuals who strive to live life to the fullest.  (Founded in 1988)

The dogs are free of charge!

As part of the Service Dogs, Inc. family your donation helps fund the $20,000 cost of training each dog, so that we can provide them free of charge to our clients.   dogs and training free of charge. Help us keep going by making a donation.

Yes, public access:

Learn more about public access laws and how to say hello to a working dog.

We keep it positive:

Service Dogs, Inc. uses positive training methods. We use fun, rewards and lots of surprises to keep our dogs motivated and eager to please. Read more about our training methods.

A lot goes into making this happen ~

Service Dogs, Inc. invests 1 Year and $20,000 into custom training each Hearing or Service Dog team.   We rely entirely on donations, grants and our Mighty Texas Dog Walk proceeds to support our training program.

Dreaming of being a Service Dog Trainer?

Service Dogs, Inc. shares our dog training knowledge through our Trainers Academy including how we evaluate shelter dogs for our program, hands on training sessions with our dogs, public work and auditing opportunities with our trainers, dogs and client programs.

An Overview of our Programs

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Happy Holidays from Katie & Cowboy and Everyone at Service Dogs, Inc. Please makes us part of your holiday giving ~ We have new dogs that need your support to go from Strays to Stars!


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Watch us Saturday mornings on KXAN-TV & See past segments below!

Watch us Saturday mornings on KXAN-TV
Watch past segments!


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