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“I’m With The Band,” Meet Our 5 Newest Stars!

We're not fooling - we have now adopted five more amazing dogs for our training program:

 Elvis takes center stage from his residency at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. This hunka burnin' love radiates natural star power with his smooth leash skills, Love Me Tender temperament and Jailhouse Rock retrieves. Elvis has entered the building!


Vogue strikes a pose with her fabulous focus, food drive, interest in sounds and precision leash skills. Her humble beginnings at the Hill Country Humane Society in Buchanan, Texas served to make this diva shine even more brightly, proving she is destined for the spotlight with us.


ABBA This Dancing Queen is finally having the time of her life after being dumped in a locked crate at a Houston business and found by animal control. She can dance, she can jive, acing both the hearing and service work portions of her evaluation. So we said: Gimme, gimme, gimme! 


Encore brought us cheering to our feet when we met him at Bastrop County Animal Services. Interest in sounds? Clap for that. Loves people? Keep clapping. Heart throb good looks? Throw roses at this boy, he's the newest star in our Hearing Dog program.


Indie captivated us with her big intelligence and even bigger heart. We loved her playlist at San Antonio Animal Services blending her unique artistry of ignoring other dogs, interest in sounds and eagerly working for food while being ladylike when taking treats.


The dogs we adopt are often undernourished and need veterinary treatment to recover from their life on the streets. Won't you chip in to help?

A Great Dane-size thank you to our friends at City Limits Subaru in Buda, Texas for featuring our dogs on their beautiful website.


City Limits Subaru joined us as a Presenting Sponsor at last year's Mighty Texas Dog Walk & Expo, and is back this year at the Haute Dog level. Thanks to their generosity, Subaru shoppers can learn about SDI and donate directly from their website!


Everyone is invited to their grand opening, Wednesday, April 17, 6 - 10 pm at their spectacular showroom. There will be live bands and lots of food.


In the meantime, check out Subaru's SDI Dog of the Month!

Dog retrieving toy
Who says Hearing Dogs don't retrieve? - Banjo

Camping Trip: Boy Scouts, Tents, S'mores & Hearing Dog!

By Melinda Ray

My sons' Cub Scout troop went camping in April 2023. My husband, daughter and I decided to make it a family camping trip. Of course, that meant that my Hearing Dog Titan was going on his first camping trip.


I packed up my stuff and the kids’ stuff. And, I packed up Titan’s stuff: his fleece bed, 2 bones, his favorite chew toy, snacks and his SDI vest. I wanted to be sure I had enough things to ensure Titan would be comfortable in a new environment, especially considering we were going to be outside the entire time.


Camping was fun. Titan absolutely loved it!


Despite all the kids running around and balls and frisbees soaring in the air, Titan settled comfortably on his fleece bed I had put outside so he could see everything. He just laid there wagging his tail every once in a while.


Titan walked calmly with me to all the stations. He sat down and when I said “settle”, he would stretch out his very long body.


By the second day, the kids were curious and asked if they could pet him. Once he laid down, I let the kids love on him while I maintained eye contact with him. I couldn’t have asked for better behavior than that. About 35 kids stood in line to pet Titan. I even got a chance to explain about Hearing and Service Dogs and the appropriate way to ask someone if they could pet his dog.


Titan really enjoyed the long casual walks, the smells in the air, and just being outside. He wagged his tail most of the time. I am glad we decided to make it a family camping trip. Titan showed off his training and skills and enjoyed the great outdoors.


Won't you support more partnerships like Melinda and Titan with a gift to our training program?

All of us at Service Dogs, Inc. want to thank you for donating the funds to install a fire detection system in our new quarantine kennel. Your gifts via Amplify Austin surpassed our $10,000 goal to reach over $15,000!


We prioritize safety and excellent treatment of our dogs. Knowing you do, too, inspires us to keep working hard to give our dogs, and your dogs, their best lives ever at SDI.You should know you make a difference to their lives and the lives they will eventually change. Now, that's what we're fired up about!

Our Career Change Dogs Want to Meet You

Mid-size or luxury length, we've got the adoptable pet dog for you! Adopt one dog and save two when you open a new space for our next rescue. All our Career Change Dogs still get training and socialization - they just prefer the chill life as a pet over the hustle and bustle of a Service Dog career. Take a look at these two handsome fellows and get ready to fall in love.

March 29 - What Did NOT Happen

Service Dogs, Inc. adopted me on March 25. Today, March 29, is the day I was scheduled to be euthanized.


That did not happen. That did not happen because of you loving SDI's mission, one like no other - to take dogs people have thrown away, and through love, nurturing and training turn us into Service Dogs.


I am literally taking my first steps here. I have had a bath. I have visited the veterinarian. I have been fed, played with, cuddled and loved.


I am here. I am alive. Because of you.


Thank you for Taking A Chance On Me



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