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SDI's February: Fur-ever Your Love

Sweet News For You!

Riff and his pals here at SDI are making sweet progress in their training. Join us in celebrating:

Chris & Daisy passed their certification exam as a First Responder Facility Dog Team.

Cadillac and Camaro are starting to learn sound alerts to become Hearing Dogs.

Jaguar and Mercedes are learning retrieves, the behavior most used by Service Dogs.

Banjo, Disco, Lyric and Riff are officially out of quarantine and getting used to training throughout our campus.

Banjo practicing "Touch" with Izzy on his second trip into the training center

Riff's first outing at Home Depot

Disco settling at the vet. Best attitude ever!

We're visiting more shelters San Marcos Animal Services, San Antonio Animal Center, Austin Animal Center and the Hill Country SPCA in Fredericksburg to evaluate dogs for our program!

SDI clients receive their dogs free of charge, unlike at most places. Please consider a sweet gift to support our training program!

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