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Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Type: Female Husky mix

Fun Fact: Class leader on eye contact with handler in public

Ivy is a sweet lady who wants nothing more than to spend her days cuddling with her favorite people. She warms up to most people right away but has shown caution around a few men. However, with a few treats and a little bit of patience she comes around to asking everyone for some love.

Ivy has done very well with all of her training and her fosters all say that she is wonderful during her stays with them. She has experience sharing a home with other dogs and older kids.

Loud noises, like thunderstorms and fireworks, are stressful to Ivy. She prefers to have a safe place to curl up in with a yummy treat to calm her while she waits for them to pass.

From Stray to Star 💫


Ivy's First Restaurant Outing

We expose our dogs to up to many different environments as part of their training. Watch Ivy's first restaurant outing to Homespun Kitchen and Bar in Dripping Springs, Texas:

SDI Director of Training Meredith explains the purpose of restaurant outings with our dogs.

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