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Feeling Good About Myself

Former stray dog Kona, who is now training to be a Service Dog, looks curiously at the camera

Hi, I'm Kona.

Keeping an eye on the scale is a great way to make sure my insides are as gorgeous as my outside!

Every Monday, I sit on this digital scale and my trainer logs in my weight. She adjusts my food and treats for the week if I need to lose or gain weight. My new partner will be responsible for keeping my weight healthy, too.

In dogs, a few extra pounds can stress our joints and back and make us feel sluggish. If we're too thin, we lose focus and energy and might even be sick.

I've come a long way from being a street dog in Brownwood to having this level of attention and care. And I have you to thank for it!

Would you chip in to help us turn strays into stars?

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