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Updated: Sep 19

We adopted Highlander, a charming male Scottish Deerhound mix from the Humane Society of New Braunfels. With a naturally calm demeanor, he cherishes being close to people. When his current weekend foster family mom settles down for their quilting sessions, he's right there with them, earning the endearing nickname “Quilting Mutt”. However, this calm canine knows when to let loose. Give him open space, and he'll showcase his zoomies, frolic in wet grass, or indulge in a game of fetch. And if there's a bath on offer? He's first in line!


  • Mastered vehicles entries and exits with grace

  • Positioning - stays by his handler’s side consistently while walking on a leash

Next Steps:

  • Starting to target objects with his nose, which will build to pushing buttons and closing doors

  • Continuing to work on being comfortable around a variety of people, sounds and locations

  • Building up his ability to focus on his trainer in more complex settings

  • Applying his learned behaviors into a home environment during foster care

Every Superman needs a Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to share his story. Support Highlander and help pen his transformative tale from stray to Star.

Videos of Highlander

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