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June 8 Is National Best Friends Day!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Chris and his Service Dog, Blue

We adopted Blue from the SPCA of Texas and trained him as a Service Dog for teacher Chris McAllister. Shortly after we moved Blue in with Chris, his wheelchair had turned over on a secluded path in a park. Chris let Blue off leash and told him, “Find help!”. After searching 40 minutes, Blue was able to find a woman to follow him back to Chris. Their story was recreated on the Animal Planet show Wild Rescue.

Thanks to your help in our May Matching Grant Campaign, we can rescue and train another dog like Blue. Your donations exceeded our Memorial Day goal of $50,000 for the matching grant, raising a total of $53,280!

Together, we’re not only turning strays into stars, we’re creating more Best Friends for Life!

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