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Why We Work: Tailer O'Neill, Trainer

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Man and dog pose for a portrait while sitting on the floor together.
SDI Trainer Extraordinaire Tailer O’Neill with Kona

In 2022, Gartner, a $5.48 billion executive consulting company, published an article titled, Employees Seek Personal Value and Purpose at Work. Be Prepared to Deliver.

Discussing “The Great Resignation”, they wrote “The era of the employment contract, where a worker provided services purely in exchange for monetary compensation, is over. Now, employees expect deeper relationships, a strong sense of community and purpose-driven work.” At SDI, we knew that the whole time. In fact, we founded our organization on a specific mission and certain values. And we are attracting top tier staff like Tailer O’Neill. Tailer moved here from Houston in June to join our staff. He has 10 years of experience training, developing training programs, and introducing new trainers to positive reinforcement techniques.

Tailer writes: “My passion for rescue started when I was in 10th grade and I watched two hound puppies get tossed out of a truck while I was walking home from the bus stop. My mother and neighbor helped me find wonderful homes for them and ever since my heart has belonged to animals who need a second chance.

“When I heard of Service Dogs, Inc.’s mission to rescue dogs from shelters, train them using positive reinforcement methods, and place them into homes with people who need them, I immediately knew I wanted to work alongside people whose values mirrored mine so similarly.

“The work that we do here as a team for the dogs and clients in need of one another is something I strongly admire and am forever thankful to be a part of.”

We are proud that our mission and values attract such outstanding professionals.

Stay tuned next month, when Tailer and the rest of our training department may have some new canine recruits for you to meet!

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