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In Case You Missed It: Forever Families Visits SDI ❤️

When the Heart Gallery reached out to us about filming a KVUE Forever Families segment here, we could not say “yes” fast enough!

We all fell in love with Carla,13. Her love of animals has helped her cope with living in a series of foster homes throughout her young life.

We introduced Carla to Daisy, who is in training to be a Facility Dog to support veterans, first responders and teens experiencing trauma. As you can see, Carla is a natural animal trainer – we all wanted to hire her!

Carla explained why she felt such a connection with Daisy, whom we adopted from Bastrop Animal Control Services.

"It’s kind of like being in CPS, but instead of being in CPS, there’s dogs who have been through so much like I have," Carla said. "When [they] come here, they get fed, training. They get helped, then they go out and meet other people."

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