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Why We Work: Deana Thiem, Client Coordinator

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

My name is Deana Thiem. I have been working for Service Dogs, Inc. for eight years.

I have had many jobs in my lifetime, but I always knew I wanted to help dogs, especially shelter dogs. They are in the shelters through no fault of theirs, just human circumstances. I wanted to be a voice for these dogs. I was that voice in a small town when I was the Animal Control officer for eleven years. I worked diligently to have the dogs in my care spayed and neutered, vaccinated and then find good homes for them.

I was one person working by myself. I knew there had to be another way.

I found Service Dogs, Inc. in 2015. I volunteered for about a year, cutting treats, working on enrichment for the dogs in training.

I knew this was where I wanted to be the rest of my work life. It is a perfect fit. We train shelter dogs to help humans who need assistance.

Deana Thiem, SDI Client Coordinator top left. Also L-R, Dawn Thiem, Volunteer Coordinator, Leslie Barrett Canine Enrichment, Meredith Troy, Director of Training. Front L-R Row, Tailer O'Neill, Trainer, Sheri Soltes, Founder & CEO Dogs L-R: Highlander Service Dogs, Daisy, Trauma Response Facility Dog

In 2016, I was offered a job by Sheri Soltes. I jumped at the chance to work full time for this great organization. Today, I work as Client Coordinator. This is so fulfilling. I get to see the whole process from the dogs coming in to Service Dogs, Inc., being trained daily toward the end goal of helping our clients.

I meet the Applicants early in the process, guide them through going from Applicant to Client and the end result is so rewarding, the matching of the dog with the human. I have gotten to know some pretty amazing people and help them regain their independence in their day-to-day life.

The SDI family grows with each addition of a client. We welcome them as family members and I get to be a part of the beautiful process of helping them become partners with the wonderful creatures, dogs.

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