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From Death Row to Life Saver

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

If there was ever an example of passing on kindness, it would be the story of Maribel and Honor.

Honor is a golden retriever rescued from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter who tested positive for heart-worm, a very expensive and time-consuming condition to treat. Undeterred by the risks and the costs, SDI adopted her anyway and matched her with a woman in her 70’s named Maribel.

One beautiful sunny day, 70-year-old Maribel, who uses a wheelchair, woke up in her porch swing to her SDI dog Honor licking her face. As Honor was not a dog who generally gave out kisses, Maribel found this behavior a little strange… until she realized that Honor was licking blood off her. A wooden beam attached to the porch swing had collapsed and knocked Maribel unconscious, leaving her rapidly losing blood

Thanks to Honor, Maribel was able to regain consciousness and boost herself up back into her wheelchair, and Honor hit a button to alert the emergency services. It took 18 staples to repair the wound in her head, and without Honor, it’s likely that Maribel would have lost too much blood to recover.

Recently being saved from death row herself after testing positive for an expensive medical condition, we think that Honor was passing on the kindness that was shown to her by her rescuers. Soon after her heroic act, she was named Dog of the Year by a pet magazine - a title definitely well-earned!

Will you help turn more Strays into Stars? We rescue, train and provide lifetime follow up for heroes like Honor completely free of charge to our clients, thanks to your generous support.

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