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Rolls Royce

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Career Change - Up for Pet Adoption

Royce is a gentle giant who loves spending time outside. He is young and acts puppyish at times - racing around and playing with toys. Royce can be a great cuddler and loves belly rubs but true to his breed he also enjoys time outside keeping watch over his yard.

He has experience living with kids, cats, and other dogs - although his new home will want to help make sure that Royce's exuberance for play and his size do not overwhelm anyone that he shares his home with.

Before coming to SDI, Royce was found as a stray near a nursing home in Houston. He has been working to grow his confidence and his new family should plan to help him continue to learn that new experiences aren't as scary as they may initially seem.


Videos of Royce

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